We established Rare Breeds Ranch in Cottonwood, California in 2008, a big move from our prior ranch, Estancia del Mar, in Pescadero on the San Mateo coast. Our interest in "rare breeds" began with beautiful Peruvian Paso horses. The next additions to our ranch family were English Shire horses, one of the tallest and least numerous of draft horses. Australian Shepherd dogs rounded out the ranch in Pescadero.

In preparation for our move to a larger, more remote property with additional livestock, we anticipated that having a dog breed with more protective abilities was a necessity. After two years of research, the decision was made. Only one dog existed that could meet all of our needs: the Anatolian Shepherd Dog.

Further research of breeders and bloodlines, and the wait for the best possible animals led us to Gerlach Ranch, Carpe Diem Anatolians, and Basrai Anatolians to begin our pack and the Rare Breeds Ranch Anatolian Shepherd Dog breeding program.

After settling in the beautiful foothills near Cottonwood, California, we have added Suffolk sheep, Pigmy goats and Huacaya alpacas to our ranch.

Life is good ... animals make it better.