At Rare Breeds Ranch, we are breeding working livestock guardian dogs. Our philosophy is simple: Breed the best to the best and the resulting litters should be as good as, or better than their parents. Below, are links to current and past litters.

Litter 2014-2: RBR Eski Kan X CH RBR Tipi - Whelped 10JUL14

Our first Kan X Tipi litter whelped ten healthy pups on 10JUL4. There are four dogs and six bitches.



Litter 2014-1 (Standard Poodle Litter): Brienwoods Essence de Truffle Noire X RBR Heidi - Whelped 14MAR14

Rare Breeds Ranch is proud to announce RBR Heidi whelped 10 beautiful puppies on March 14th. The litter includes 6 girls and 4 boys.



Litter 2013-1: CH Birinci's Monopoly X CH RBR Bal Kiz - Whelped 03OCT13

This breeding only produced one bitch puppy which we kept and named RBR Sonbahar Manolya (Autumn Magnolia), to honor the memory of er Great Grand Dam, CH Night Watch's Steel Magnolia, BISS (Maggie).


Litter 2012-2: GCH Birinci's Hint of Hoja X CH RBR Bal Kiz - Whelped 13JUN12

We are excited to announce that the Hoja, Jr. X Kizzy litter whelped on 13JUN12. The litter produced 2 bitches and a dog. It was not a large litter, but the pups that were produced, were the largest pups we have produced, thus far.



Litter 2012-1: GCH Gerlach Zorlu Veli X CH Carpe Diem's Champagne, DOM - Whelped 17MAR12

The third Zor X Anya litter delivered six healthy pups on 17MAR12. There are three males and three females. Two pups are Fawn with black masks, two pups are White and two pups are Pinto. Each color has a male and female.



Litter 2010-1: GCH Gerlach Zorlu Veli X CH Carpe Diem's Champagne, DOM - Whelped 14APR10

The second Zor X Anya litter whelped 11 healthy pups on 14APR10. There are eight males and three females. Eight pups are Fawn with black masks and three pups are White.



Litter 2009-1: GCH Gerlach Zorlu Veli X CH Carpe Diem's Champagne, DOM - Whelped 14JAN09

This was the first Zor X Anya litter. The whelp had 12 pups ... 8 bitches and 4 dogs. This litter produced the following AKC Champions:



  • CH RBR Bal Kiz - "Kizzy" (owned by RBR)
  • CH RBR Tipi - "Tipi"{ (owned by RBR)
  • BISS CH RBR Karabash Vasi - "Vasi" (Owned by Carol & Fernando White, White Star Anatolians)
  • CH RBR Yildiz - "Star" (Owned by Kerry & Bob Anderson, A Star Alpacas)
  • CH RBR Inci - "Inci" (Owned by Kim & Nick Cavanaugh)